Welcome to The Lowtide Lounge blog


Lowtide Lounge- it’s more than a label, it’s a state of mind. While the California-based corporations are blurring the line between surfing and capitalism, we started this company out of love for INDIVIDUALITY! We have never lived the evil that lies in the suit-and-tie world and recognize the relationship between a soul and a wave. We ar the guys that the surf industry has forgotten. The sport of surfing has been marketed, twisted and wrung out until it is a mere shadow of itself. the motion of the tides has given us the determination in our sould to find the rhythm of the world’s waves. Lowtide is here to breathe life back into the sport that we life by. We are the forgotten 1%ers that refuse to accept the image of surfing that corporations are shoving down our throats. We represent the sould of surfing- We represent Lowtide.


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